Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here's one for the ladies -Some quick lamb chops, copper river salmon, and eggplant before the vacation.

Going out of town for a week but before I go here are some quick grilling pics from the other night.  My wife and mom enjoyed copper river salmon and grilled eggplant. My dad and I had some very nice thick lamb chops, that came out nice and rare. We used the Corrado's Argentine lump charcoal that worked great, got very hot, and stayed that way for hours, maybe I should give smoking another shot with it. Here are some quick pics. 

I'll check in in a week, If I see any good barbecue while I'm away I'll try to snap some photos.


I wonder how you rotate pictures on blogspot? I'll figure it out next week.

Here is one of the local panhandlers

Looks good

Rare meat turns me into a caveman, eating with my paws.
See you next week-

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gopopgo said...

Wow. The pictures look amazing! I can't use coherent sentences when I'm eating rare meat. And I -hate- losing food in the grates. :-(