Monday, July 26, 2010

A Quick How-To: Removing the Rib Membrane ((GRAPHIC CONTENT))


So here is a quick piece of instruction for the novices out there. For those of you currently not taking this step, adding it to your process will make your ribs more tender well as easier to separate when properly cooked. I am a huge fan of things like bratwursts, other wursts, high-quality hot dogs like Sabrett's or Boar's Head, any high-quality sausage like product, but I like to reserve the 'snap' for those products only. What I mean is a good rib should do a lot of things, but snapping when you bite is not one of them. Remove the membrane and yours will not.

Some of the pictures that follow will be considered a little gory except maybe to myself and the three current followers of my blog. I usually start in one corner of the rack and work the edge of the membrane loose, maybe with my fingers, a steak knife, or this weird kitchen tool my wife has. Imagine a large butter knife with a large rounded end and a serrated edge on one side. Once a corner is free I slowly pee the membrane back, being careful to keep it in one piece, and using surgical precision with the steak knife to cut any particularly troublesome sinews. A popular technique here is to use a paper towel between your fingers to get a firm but gentle grip on the fragile membrane (for the record I know that sounded gross). One this is done your ribs are ready for a rub.

And here is a quick peek at what's in store for this weekend:


Chris said...

That's the way I do it for spares but for back ribs, I start at the middle working one finger through and then pull the entire membrane off with with motion.

Rene said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for commenting. I have actually never tried back ribs, but plan to some time soon. I'll give your method a shot and post up the results.


Chilebrown said...

You know it is a toss-up removing the membrane. Some competitors leave it on. I like to take it off.

That sure is a shiny new WSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!