Monday, August 2, 2010

WSM Test Drive

Hi all- we had a great day of smoking on the bran new Weber Smokey Mountain known from now on as the bullet.  I have to give a big shout-out to They have the best deal on the Internet for the WSM right now so if you're in the market right now you should go there first and last. You will notice how many times they get mentioned here and that is because they will literally give you store credit for posting pictures and video of you using their products, so get used to hearing me sing their praises. Special thanks to Mike W. for bringing over some Balashi cans straight from the shores of Aruba. The WSM  turned out to be as high-quality a thing as everyone made it out to be, including my buddy Chilebrown of, completely worth the full retail price even though I didn't pay that. Here is a quick breakdown of it:

Here is the bottom of the WSM. It has a grate for charcoal with a ring to keep it contained, and 3 adjustable vents below.

Inside the middle chamber there is this bowl to hold your liquid. I have heard of people using this for other things like filling it with sand to radiate even heat. My preference is still the skunky homebrew at least until it runs out. It is wrapped in foil for easier clean-up.
This is the middle section which contains the bowl and two grates to hold your food. It also has this nifty door to access the fire and to add wood.
This is it with the lid. I have to say, it had kind of an ominous presence. One of my other grills said it was giving them the stinkeye.

Here are the ribs, two slabs deep. If you get creative with racks you could get a serious amount of food into this thing.

I knew a guy in college who could blow smoke out his eyes. Here is a close up of smoke coming through the temperature gauge (another thing that made my other grills feel intimidated).

Forgive me but the screen went on my good laptop and I'm writing this on my old knockaround one, things don't always work correctly so you will see things like pictures of a quiche turned on their side and less videos than I would have liked. The ribs came out great, they had been bought earlier, frozen, and defrosted so my hopes were not high, but the bullet produced a nice even temperature without much charcoal or elbow grease for several hours. The design of the smoker kept direct heat off the ribs so my better half didn't get any of the burnt ends that resulted from the heat coming through the offset fire box opening of past offerings. Plenty of great pork flavor. To accompany the ribs we had a quiche which took on some hickory flavor in the smoker, as well as a corn/bean/cilantro salad. These two guys showed up hungry and left in a good mood.