Friday, May 21, 2010

History of Barbecue in New Jersey

First of all let me just put this out there

So this weekend with my better half's work schedule I will be putting all my attention towards my 10 month old son and not smoking anything. In lieu of anything to document this weekend, I though it was important that I address some recent comments and highlight important developments and personalities in New Jersey's rich history in barbecuing.

A little known fact is that prominent New Jersey Resident Thomas Edison, in cooperation with Henry Ford, invented the charcoal briquette as we know it

Charcoal Briquette

There are some counterclaims that a guy named Zowyer held a competing patent but since he was not from NJ I will elect not to publish or promote his whole deal. Edison and Ford went on to sell their formula to Ford's brother-in-law, a certain Mr. Kingsford.

The Portuguese community of the greater Newark area  produces some kick- ass barbecue. While 'm not completely sure if it's actually smoked or just grilled, whatever they do comes out great. Much of it is minimally spiced and there is no sauce except on the side if you ask for it, but it is VERY good stuff. They have a ton of variety in their repertoire and I strongly recommend checking it out if you have not yet.

I would also like to congratulate the 2009 New Jersey State Barbecue Champion, Fat Angel

I'm sure he will be competing again at the 2010 New Jersey State Barbecue Championship, taking place this July in Wildwood.

Feel free to tune in  next week when I actually smoke something. In closing here is a photo montage of many notable members of the NJ hall of fame. If you don't believe, look it up. I'll start with the famous recording artist and kung-fu master Shaquille O'neal Costello statue.

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