Saturday, May 8, 2010

Off topic- grilling post= GRILLED BEEF TACOS

A bit off topic but here is a post on some grilling I did. I had some errands to run today and knew my schedule wouldn't be conducive to smoking, so I did something different. My better half picked up some tortillas and queso fresca hoping I would make her some enchiladas, but it's backyard cooking season and I wasn't into that. I set the Char-Griller up for direct grilling, filled a large chimney with some of the remaining K-ford Comp, and threw a london broil on and seared it with the coals at the highest position. The thick iron grates put some great marks and char on the meat. I did that for a few minutes each side, lowered them to medium heat, left it for a few more minutes, and it came out rare and gorgeous (see the pics below). From there I let the meat rest and then it got sliced.

Following that, I used the remaining heat in the coals (which was waining by that time, again thanks to the 'competition' briquettes) to heat up some tortillas, just a few seconds each side. I would throw one on, flip it, throw on a few slices of beef, a little gucamole my wife made (she's big on avocados), some pico de gallo (fresh onin, tomato, cilantro, and lime juice), some of the aforementioned queso shredded, and would squeeze a lime over the whole thing. I should brag I only had a few seconds to do all that because of how sensitive the tortillas were and I pulled it off it was AWESOME.     From there some quick work with the tongs flipped it closed, a couple more seconds each side, then you had to start eating straight away. This is the kind of stuff that makes me a little cocky about my backyard cooking.

As a segue to my next episode, I picked up a bag of Argentinean(sp?) natural lump charcoal at Corrados in Clifton. Does anyone have experience with this stuff? If its good this will become my regular stuff as I hear great things about lump charcoal and it was dirt cheap. We'll find out soon enough-


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